Icon Aerospace maintains an extensive database of capabilities on commercial and military aircraft to include Boeing, MD, Airbus, Etc.

Our highly trained technicians are authorized by the FAA and EASA to work on a wide variety of parts and have years of experience perfecting their craft. All Testing, Repairs, and Overhauls performed at our facilities conform to the most current manufacturer’s specification.


The following is just a sample of Icon’s capabilities:

Instruments: Air Speed, MACH, Altimeters, HSI, Fuel, RDMI, Gyros, EGT Indicators

Avionics: Control Display Units, EIS Displays, Mode Control & VHF / COMM Panels

Accessories: Landing Lights, Strobe Lights, Electrical Boxes, Outflow Valves, Servos

Galley items: Ovens, Boilers, Water Heaters, Over Head Lighting, Smoke Detectors


Icon Aerospace's capability list is always growing and is updated frequently to meet our customer's demands and needs.


Search our capability database by part number  

Because our capability list is ever-expanding, you may not be able to find your part number in our database. In this case, please contact us.

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